Adding to any menu item
3 jalapenos or pepperocini .50
Extra veggies on sub .75 and $1.10
Extra cheese on subs .95 and $1.35
Extra meat on subs $1.65 and $2.85
Side of red sauce (4 oz.) $1.35
Side of Alfredo sauce $2.50

4 oz. scoop tuna or chicken salad $1.85

16 oz. Hank's homemade dressing -Italian style $3.75

16 oz. Pasta salad or potatoes salad $2.99

Hank’s Dog $3.99

Hot dog severed on a bun. Make it yours! Condiments of your choice!
With French Fries

Hank's Chili Dog $4.99
hot dog served on a bun and topped with chili sauce

Fish & Chips $6.95
Deep fried Cod fish, fries, lemon wedge, tartar sauce......Just like the old time Fridays!!

Homemade vegetable soup $5.99
potatoes, celery, squash, carrots, barely, tomatoes and more...
...add grilled chicken $7.99